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Re-targeting is considered more effective than Display and Search campaigns

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
18 March 2017
Attribution had become one of the most discussed topics in digital media. Interest in marketing measurement has only intensified in order to better evaluate efforts and optimise decision-making processes. While a majority of marketers currently rely on first- or last-click models, almost 60% reported that they plan on changing their approach in 2017. To underline the growing importance of attribution, 40% also reported spending the majority of their budget on measurement alone.

Originally, email marketing consisted of drafting one piece of content and sending it to a large, varied batch of recipients. However, this has changed over time. Marketers evolved by creating behaviorally triggered campaigns that grouped together audiences of similar users and, today, this trend has continued. Campaigns are now being created from dynamic content personalised to an individual user. In fact, a majority of marketers in this year’s report stated that their email campaigns are dynamically focused on user behaviour. This means that their email sends will populate with content based on the actions a person has taken online.

In addition to these new insights, some of the trends from past years persist. For example, marketers have continued to embrace a programmatic approach to digital marketing. Over 50% responded that they are currently investing more than half of their budgets in programmatic initiatives alone. Additionally, more than two-thirds
of marketers state that programmatic advertising results in a greater return on investment (ROI) than traditional media buying.

One way to characterise the overall trends we’re seeing is that the technology is actually starting to line up with the promise and vision marketers have had for many years—but didn’t necessarily have the tools to deliver. We’re seeing real-world applications of data-driven decision making, machine learning, and automation. So where are we in the evolution of technology’s ability to solve marketing challenges?
What attribution models are marketers moving toward? How are strategies changing to ensure ads reach prospects at each stage of the marketing funnel? What challenges are marketers seeing when creating mobile campaigns? We’ve compiled the answers to these questions and more in order to provide insight into how modern marketers are approaching digital advertising in 2017.

Read full report at https://www.adroll.com/resources/guides-and-reports/state-of-performance-marketing-us