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Is the end of Media Agencies nearer than we think?

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
18 March 2017
The first advertisers have taken the step to replace media agencies by artificial intelligence platforms. One advertiser saw a 336% increase of ROI after only 3 months.

While people based media monitoring and optimising have down times like nights and weekends, AI can constantly and instantly react 24/7. The machine can manage email, display, search, mobile and social and shift money from channel to channel, when needed. AI can even create ads and react to the changes of performance. Marketers only have to feed in the assets which reduce time.

Onboarding only takes a few days and new systems are even available for smaller companies, who don't have proprietary technology.

Media agencies may have the Kodak effect, that they are sleepwalking holding on to the old money making systems.

Read more at https://adexchanger.com/agencies/ai-agency-lingerie-brand-cosabella-replaced-agency-artificial-intelligence/