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20% of your digital budget may be wasted on adfraud

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
18 March 2017
A new survey from m/SIX and The&Partnership highlights that about 20% of all digital spend may be wasted on adfraud. This is nearly twice as high as previously estimated.

While about 12% of direct buys were affected, up to 29% of programmatic buys have fallen victim to fraudulent activity. Main drivers of invalid traffic were adware and botnet fraud.

m/SIX takes this serious and therefore has the policy that all their clients require to invest in third party, pre-bid ad verification systems. This reduces the fraud from 12% to 1-2%.

This problem has long been underreported, but advertisers should challenge their agencies and publishers to get the best out of their budgets.

Read more at http://www.campaignbrief.com/2017/03/16/Ad%20Fraud_Report_The%26Partnership_mSIX_Adloox.pdf