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Gambling advertising unfairly targeted by UK regulators?

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
08 March 2017
The UK regulators ASA recently has banned several casino adverts due to their misleading stories. Although there are already restrictions, when the ads can be aired, over a quarter of complaints are directed towards betting adverts.

The ASA has condemned adverts from companies such as Ladbrokes, William Hill, BetsStars, Coral Interactive and more. Operators feel unfairly targeted.

Sky Vegas depicted a "roulette rock star", an everyman who feels like a rock star because of the excitement. The regulators felt that this is misleading to enhance the personal quality fo the gamblers.

BGO Entertainment's rap “my winning makes me so rich”, was also condemned. Although the singer was actually the owner of the casino, the ASA believed that it misleads people thinking that gambling can lead to financial freedom.

Although nearly 600,000 Brits are in risk of a gambling addiction, the increase in advertising for the services and easier online access did not lead to an increased addiction rate.

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