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Forget AIDA, it's all about customer journeys

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
11 February 2017
Currently, marketers tend to follow the AIDA formula when communicating to their potential customers. However, there is a trend to concentrate on customer journeys instead. Brands should have touch points along the whole customer lifecycle.

Marketers should create individual maps offer insight into what each customer is doing, thinking, feeling, experiencing at each stage. These personas can be created by first-party customer data, but also external research and observations.

A recommended framework includes the following stages:

1. Stages: What stages do the customers pass through on their journey?
2. Thoughts: What thoughts do the customer have at each stage and how can we help to overcome any concerns?
3. Actions: What action are customers performing at each stage and how can we help to overcome any potential roadblock?
4. Feelings: What feelings do customers have and what causes those feelings?
5. Experiences: What are the most important experiences on their journey and what should the experiences be at each stage?
6. Opportunities: Which measurements best represent successful advancements at each of the steps and lead to the next stage of their journey?

Marketers should know the goals, questions and challenges fore each customer segment at each stage.

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