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Axel Springer expands Upday to 16 European countries in 2017

By Stefan Finsinger
from Quality Financial Media
11 February 2017
The German publisher Axel Springer plans to expand it's digital offer Upday to 16 European countries this year. Upday is a part human, part automated news aggregator which is already preinstalled in 100m Samsung phones.

Currently, the service is available in Germany, UK, Poland and France, but it plans to overtake the current leading BBC News app in the next couple of years. The publisher opens editorial hubs in Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Sweden and increases its editorial team from 25 to 50.

Axel Springer expands heavily into the digital world with the acquisition of eMarketer and the online news channel N24. Additionally, the publisher expands Europewide with Business Insider and Politico Europe.

Read more at https://www.ft.com/content/8503415e-ea37-11e6-967b-c88452263daf